The Team

We are a client centric team of practitioners passionate about dispute resolution. Our mission is to provide innovative, time and cost efficient services with the vision of being the lead, model and borderless choice company for dispute resolution.

Our Partners


Self started in 2016 and headquartered in London with a presence in over 12 international cities spanning 7 countries and over 100 dispute resolution professionals. ADR-ODR International is the thought leader in progressive dispute resolution and training. From international conflict management to negotiation, mediation and arbitration. ADR-ODR International trains both students and professionals in a range of sectors and countries from civil/commercial mediation in UK universities to executive negotiation courses in Dubai. Our business model is unique, we have a core ethos of social responsibility and the social conscience branch of the business is something we are truly passionate about. Our mission, put simply, is to help reduce conflict on a global scale. Our vision is to be a primary thought leader and dispute resolution provider in the world! Our core values are represented by the ‘3 P’s’: Progressive, Progress, Progression.

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